Consequences of missing a court date

After a defendant is arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of committing a crime, they are held until able to post bail. In exchange for their release, suspects must agree to attend court [...]

Turning Yourself in After an Arrest Warrant

Arrest warrants are often issued by judges in new cases for probation issues or failing to comply with court orders. While you are typically notified of an arrest warrant via telephone or mail, [...]

Tips to Avoid Burglary This Summer

Summer sunshine often brings an increase in theft and burglary in the United States. Did you know that on average, a burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the U.S.? The majority of burglaries [...]

Types of Immigration Bonds

For defendants dealing with immigration issues, there are a few bond options available. If you are not released on your own recognizance, there are three immigration bonds a bail bond company can [...]

MN Mandatory Bail and How Bail is Set for Drunk Driving in Minnesota 

Minnesota law states that a judge who sets a bail amount as a condition of release must set two different amounts: one based on the suspect keeping other conditions of release (such as wearing a [...]

What is The Difference Between Bail and Bond?

When defendants are released from jail, they may have to post bail as part of the conditions of release ordered by a judge.  Oftentimes the words bail and bond are used in connection with these [...]

How to choose a Bail Bond Agency

It can be scary when someone you love goes to jail, and there is no guidebook on how to navigate this uncertain time. While your main priority may be getting them home as quickly as possible, it [...]

Benefits of Using AAA Bail Bonds

When you choose AAA Bail Bonds, you are depending on the resources and experience of a trusted bail bond agency. Established in 1991 as Thomes Bail Bond, the current owner and president, Rick, [...]

Weird But True Laws From Across The U.S

At one point or another, you’ve undoubtedly heard about some crazy laws still upheld across the United States. Check out some of our favorites as you plan summer road trips this season. ALABAMA: [...]

Do’s and Don’ts while out on bail

After being released from jail, defendants often worry about what they should and shouldn’t do while waiting for their next court appearance. You should take advantage of this time and prepare [...]

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