Do city or county jails take longer to process new inmates?

It depends on the size of the city and nature of the charges. In general, a county jail may have a higher population of people, so the time to process and duration of stay may be longer.

Can county and city jails be in the same location?

Yes. While it can share the same space, there is usually a distinction between the county and city jail.

Can I be fired for being arrested?

That is up to your employer and your individual situation. There are no laws protecting employees from being let go due to involvement with law enforcement.

How could an employer find out about my arrest, even if I didn’t disclose it or miss time at work?

Arrests are often made public through general notifications in local news, or through social media. 

Does this new law impact drivers under 18 or those that carry permits?

Teens under 18 with a driver’s permit or provisional license cannot make or answer calls while driving, either hand-held or hands-free. They may use their phone in a hands-free mode only for GPS, listening to music or podcasts and to call 911 in an emergency.

What will happen if I’m caught with a phone in my hand while driving?

Penalties for violating the hands free law carry a $50 fine for the first violation and $275 fine for subsequent violations, and is considered a petty misdemeanor.

What is contempt of court?​

The offense of being willfully disobedient or disrespectful toward a court of law; disregarding court order or opposing the authority of the law.

Is contempt of court a felony or misdemeanor?​

Usually, contempt of court is a misdemeanor.

What about surprising laws in Iowa or Wisconsin?

Both neighboring states have odd food related laws. In Iowa, it is illegal to pass off margarine or oleo as butter, leading to a misdemeanor with up to 30 days in jail and/or a $625 fine. In WI, all butter and cheese products made in the state must be “highly pleasing.”

What is an odd MN law that is weird but true?

In our fine state, you may not participate in a contest where the point is to chase and catch a pig — “greased, oiled, or otherwise.” You also may not throw turkeys or chickens in the air with the intent to catch them. Any violation of this is considered a misdemeanor.

Can I be arrested while boating?

Yes. If you are violating laws and charged by an officer you need to face the consequences, regardless of whether you are on land or on the water.

How do BWI and DWI charges differ? ​

They are very similar charges and consequences, each varying depending on the situation and background of the offender.

Do most thefts occur overnight?​

No, in fact most thefts occur between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

When is the most common time of year for burglary?​

The summer season usually sees an uptick in theft.

How are immigration bonds different from regular bonds?​

An immigration bail bond is a three-party contract between the Homeland Security Department, the Obligor (Surety) and co-obligor (Agent), and the Principal (also called defendant, respondent or alien).

How much are immigration bonds typically?

The amount of an immigration bond is determined by the Department of Homeland Security—there is no standard amount.

Overall, when are non-U.S citizens eligible for a bond?​

A detainee is eligible for a bond when they prove that they are NOT a danger to the community and are NOT at flight risk.

How many people are held by ICE regularly?​

ICE held an average of more than 42,000 people in custody each day throughout fiscal year 2018, the highest since it began tracking data in 2001.

What is the largest bail ever set?​

​In 2009 Galleon Group​ founder ​Raj Rajaratnam​ was released on $100 million bail on criminal charges in an alleged $20 million insider-trading scheme.

Can celebrities use a bail bondsman?​

Yes, often celebrities utilize a bond agent to make it more affordable and be held accountable.

Do celebrities have to pay bail?​

Yes. Judges base bail amounts on the history of the defendant and type of crime, not celebrity status.

What if I have to miss a court date due to illness?

Always coordinate and communicate any changes with your attorney and bail bondsman.

How long are court appearances set after bail is posted?

Depending on the type of charges and potential evidence needed, as well coordinating the court schedule details, court dates can range from just a few weeks to a few months.

Can I change my phone number or move while out on bail?

As long as any personal information changes are communicated and approved by the bail bondsman, your attorney and the court. Depending on the types of charges or the level of flight risk, each case is managed differently.

Where can I find more information on resources for families welcoming someone home after incarceration?

A simple google search can find local and state resources. Prisons, parole officers, and government agencies can also provide contact information.

Can you get a job after prison?

Yes, but you may be limited. Depending on the charge and type of crime, some industries restrict felons and offenders.

What happens to bank accounts when someone goes to prison?

Typically, nothing. Solo accounts are frozen for the duration of incarceration.

What happens to someone caught impersonating a police officer?

Depending on the situation and background, defendants charged with impersonating an officer could obtain a misdemeanor or felony and all associated fines and/or jail time.

Can unmarked State Patrol cars pull over speeders?

Yes. While most State Patrol cars are designated as such, the MN State Patrol has 15 unmarked cars with the ability to pull over vehicles violating the law.

What kind of identification does a police officer carry?

Officers of the law should carry a badge with a unique ID number on it, as well as their name. Some municipalities issue government ID cards as well, listing a photo and full name.

How long do driving violations stay on your record?

In MN, speeding tickets usually disappear after five years. However, serious speeding tickets stay on for 10 years.

What is the average cost for a speeding ticket?

Typically, a $145 ticket is issued for going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. That does not take into account an increase in insurance or additional fees. Charges could be increased depending on the drivers history.

What are the top five traffic violations?

Speeding, running a red light, improper or unsafe lane changes, reckless driving, and tailgating

What is the definition of child neglect?

Neglect is the failure of a parent to provide for the child’s physical, emotional, medical and educational well being.

At what age is a child considered a minor?

Law enforcement agencies’ definition of the term “minor” is not always “under 18.” Definitions for this term range from “16 and under” to “10 and under.”

Will I lose custody of my child if I’m in jail?

In general, you can’t lose custody just for being incarcerated. However, if you don’t communicate with your child for six consecutive months your parental rights may be terminated on grounds of abandonment.

If I turn myself in and go to jail, what can I bring with me?

It’s best to leave most things at home and come with clean, comfortable clothes and slip on shoes. Photo identification is required. You may bring glasses, medication and a list of important phone numbers, but all other jewelry, contraband, and technology will be confiscated.

What other benefits does hiring an attorney before turning yourself in offer?

Often by retaining an attorney, you can negotiate a surrender, where you can be booked, processed, arraigned and released on bail, all in the same day. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the warrant, an attorney may be able to get the warrant dismissed without ever even showing up to court. Overall, it can help with the entire legal process.

If I don’t turn myself in, when can I expect to be arrested?

At any time, with no warning.

How do I find a bail bond company out of state?

A simple internet search should provide results to call bonding companies in the area, or ask for a referral.

Does it take longer to bail someone out from another state?

It may, depending on the situation and timing. Working with a local bail bondsman will help set reasonable expectations.

What information do you need to bail someone out in another state?

A good place to start is the personal information of the individual in jail, their charges and bail amount, as well as the name of the county and institution in which they are being held.

Does a bail bond company require anything else from its clients prior to court hearings?

Potentially, a bail bond company is liable for a large sum of money, should the defendant decide to skip court appointments. Often bail bond companies require defendants to check in on a regular basis, or agree to be monitored as terms of the loan.

What happens if a defendant does not show up for their court appearances?

Often a warrant is issued for their arrest. If a bond company was used to secure their release, the bond company will work to locate the client and return them to jail.

How much is the fee when working with a bail bond company?

Typically the fee when working with a bail bond company is 10% of the bail amount.

What happens to me if I assist a defendant in skipping court dates?

Harboring a fugitive is against the law. If you are aware of someone who has jumped bail, you should alert local law enforcement.

How many fugitives are found by bounty hunters in the United States?

Recent statistics show about 30,000 bail jumpers are apprehended by bounty hunters every year– about 90% of total fugitives who flee.

What are the requirements to become a bounty hunter?

While the government does not regulate bounty hunters, typically applicants must be at least 18 years of age, never convicted of a felony, able to provide character references, and registered with local law officials.

Who receives bond money if a suspect misses a court date

If a suspect chooses not to adhere to the bail agreement and skips court appearances, the bond amount is forfeited to the court, leaving the bail agency responsible for the bond amount.

What do “Failure to Appear” charges mean

If a suspect does not appear for scheduled court appearances, and is not located via a bench warrant, “Failure to Appear” charges could be added against them. Additional charges usually match the severity of the original offense.