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Minnesota law states that a judge who sets a bail amount as a condition of release must set two different amounts: one based on the suspect keeping other conditions of release (such as wearing a sensor on his ankle), and an unconditional amount based on the suspect’s not having to maintain any other conditions while released pending his or her next appearance in court.

According to Minnesota Statute Section 169A.44, mandatory bail must be imposed for a person to be released pending the next court appearance if any of these following factors apply to his or her DUI/DWI offense:

  • The DUI/DWI is a second-degree level DWI
  • He or she had a BAC of or greater than .16
  • The DWI offense is a third-degree and the driver is under 19 years of age
  • A child under the age of 16 was present in the vehicle with a prior DUI within 10 years
  • The DUI occurred while his or her license was canceled as IPS or as inimical to public safety

In Minnesota Statute Section 629.471, outlined is the maximum amount of bail a court may impose for any given charged crime in the state. This statute states that, with a few exceptions, the maximum amount of bail to be set for individuals charged with either a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor is double the highest cash fine that may be imposed for that particular offense. This means that if a misdemeanor carries a maximum fine of $1,000, then the maximum amount of bail that may be set for that offense is $2,000.

Of course, there are a number of exceptions. The maximum amount of bail to be set may be four times the maximum cash fine for specific misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, particularly for hit and run accidents, DUI/DWI charges, driving after cancellation of license, or IPS, and transporting stolen goods into the state. The maximum amount of bail to be set may be up to six times the applicable fine for charges of assault, domestic abuse, domestic assault, and malicious punishment of a child.

Minnesota Statute Section 629.471 does not apply to felony DUI/DWI charges. The maximum cash fine for a first-degree DWI or a felony DUI charge is $14,000, but the maximum bail amount that may be set is only $12,000. This amount of bail would be set if there are no conditions of release accompanying an individual’s release, pending his or her next court appearance.

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