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At one point or another, you’ve undoubtedly heard about some crazy laws still upheld across the United States. Check out some of our favorites as you plan summer road trips this season.

ALABAMA: The city of Mobile sure knows how to party during Mardi Gras, but leave your confetti at home as use of the small party supply is prohibited. To carry, manufacture, sell, or handle confetti is considered an “offense against public safety.” (But what about glitter?!)

Source: Municode Library

CALIFORNIA: A frog that dies during a frog-jumping contest cannot be eaten. This health code likely made its way into the books to protect competitors at a decades old tradition in the gold- mining town of Angels Camp, where participants compete to see how far their frogs can leap. As far as we can tell, there are no laws about kissing frogs though…

Source: California State Legislature

FLORIDA: People who own bars, restaurants, and other places where liquor is sold, may be fined if they host or participate in any contest involving dwarf-tossing. Yes, dwarf tossing. In 1989 Florida outlawed tossing little people after the activity caught on in bars located in southern parts of the state. A Florida state legislator tried to repeal the law in 2011, but was unsuccessful.

Source: Florida State Legislature

INDIANA: Liquor stores can’t sell refrigerated water, soda or mixers. The state law specifies that a beer and wine store should exclusively sell adult beverages only.

Source: Indiana State Legislature

KENTUCKY: All public officers, and lawyers must take an oath stating they have not–and will not– engage in a duel with deadly weapons.

Source: Kentucky State Legislature

MISSISSIPPI: Profanity in public could land you in jail for up to 30 days. It’s illegal for anyone to use vulgar or obscene language in the presence of two or more people in Mississippi. While meant to protect the public, it begs to question its relation to the First Amendment.

Source: Mississippi State Legislature

NEW HAMPSHIRE: It’s illegal to carry away or collect seaweed at night in NH. Marine plants and algae are routinely used to make fertilizer and animal feed, which gives it value and begs protection.

Source: New Hampshire State Legislature

TEXAS: No atheists allowed. Those wishing to run for office must acknowledge a “Supreme Being.” If not, they could be subjected to religious tests.

Source: Texas State Legislature

WEST VIRGINIA: Leave your ferrets at home when hunting in West Virginia. Anyone who hunts, catches, takes, kills, injures, or pursues a wild animal with a ferret will face a fine of no less than $100 with potential of up to 100 days in jail.

Source: West Virginia State Legislature

WYOMING: It’s illegal to “cut, sever, detach, or mutilate” more than one-half of a sheep’s ear in WY. Violations are felonies punishable by up to five years in prison. Which begs to ask why it’s acceptable to cut less than one-half?

Source: Wyoming State Legislature