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It can be scary when someone you love goes to jail, and there is no guidebook on how to navigate this uncertain time. While your main priority may be getting them home as quickly as possible, it is important to choose a reputable bail bondsman to help make the release affordable and hassle free. Here are a few tips to remember when trying to find a bail bondsman:

Inquire on experience and licenses. Ensure your chosen bond representative is licensed by asking, or doing some online research. Search your states licensing requirements and a full listing of agents. While online, you can also find any complaints filed against the company and peruse online reviews. Many bond agencies have websites with public information listed, including contact resources, licenses, experience, and services available.

Compare fees and services. Most agencies charge a similar flat fee, but some have the opportunity to provide flexible payment plans or repayment options. Some bondsmen are able to offer convenient services or personalized consulting.

Ask for references. Often lawyers and jailers have connections and experience and can provide information on trustworthy bail sources. Bail bond companies work closely with local attorneys and law enforcement, so respectable bond referrals should be easy to locate. It may also be an option to ask friends and family members for references on reputable resources.

Above all, a good agent should put the needs of a client first, understand the legal and fiduciary requirements, and clearly communicate with the client and co-signer. If you are in need of a bail bond representative in greater Minnesota, contact AAA Bail Bonds today.