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Summer sunshine often brings an increase in theft and burglary in the United States. Did you know that on average, a burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the U.S.? The majority of burglaries occur over the summer months and take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

You’ve probably heard about a recent crime ring near you, causing additional anxiety and unrest for homeowners. Here are some easy tips to protect yourself from unsuspecting crime in your neighborhood.

Secure your property.​ Close garages, secure doors and windows, and lock your vehicles, especially if left out overnight. Consider moving automatic garage door openers out of sight, or removing them altogether. Never leave your keys in a parked car. Put away bikes, toys, and yard equipment overnight to deter unwanted visitors.

Enlist your neighbors.​ Have a neighbor or trusted friend watch over your house when you’re gone. Suspend any mail, newspaper, or other deliveries while you’re gone, or have someone else collect them for you. Arrange to have your lawn mowed or bushes trimmed while you’re away and plug-in timers to turn on lights, creating the appearance you are home.

Don’t advertise.​ Be mindful of what you post on social media, or who you welcome into your home. Unfriendly eyes may be watching to see when you are out of town, or dropping by for a house call to “take inventory” of your belongings.

Work together with your neighbors to ensure a safe and healthy summer.