Conditional and Unconditional Bail Amounts and Degree of DUI Charge

Whenever the imposed bail amount is less than the maximum amount allowed, conditions of release will apply. If a DUI case involves certain circumstances, then an individual’s release conditions [...]

What is a Bounty Hunter and How are Bounty Hunters Related to Bail?

When a defendant is released from jail on a bail bond, they pay a fee and sign a contract with the bail bond agency, agreeing (among other things) to appear in court.  The agency posting the bail [...]

What are you Responsible for When Signing a Bail Bond?

Without seeing it coming, many people are put into the position of helping a friend or loved one who has been arrested. While the bail process is happening, many don’t take the time to really [...]

What are the different types of homicide charges?

What are the different types of homicide charges? Homicide, murder, manslaughter– three terms we often hear discussed to describe different versions of killing people. But, what are the [...]

Bailing Yourself out of Jail

Can you bail yourself out of jail? While it is possible, it isn’t typical. In order to bail yourself out of jail, you must be able to pay the entire bail amount in cash at the time of being [...]

How to choose a Bail Bond Agency

It can be scary when someone you love goes to jail, and there is no guidebook on how to navigate this uncertain time. While your main priority may be getting them home as quickly as possible, it [...]

Renters Rights During a Pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic has placed an eviction moratorium throughout the state, and altered other tenant-landlord contract agreements. Learn more about your lease, rights, and expectations [...]

State of MN past due citations and payments resume

In March, the State of MN temporarily suspended collecting late payments, penalties, and suspensions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. An order by the State Court Administrator in September 2020 gave [...]

AAA offers convenient messaging services for clients

Communication and predictability are key factors in navigating the court process. That is why AAA Bail Bonds uses convenient messaging services to coordinate communication with our clients and [...]

Is the bail bond industry in Minnesota regulated? And who regulates it?

The bail bond industry in Minnesota has been largely unregulated for most of its over 100 years of existence.  There are many in the bail bond industry, including myself, who believe there should [...]