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For defendants dealing with immigration issues, there are a few bond options available. If you are not released on your own recognizance, there are three immigration bonds a bail bond company can offer.

Delivery Bond.​ To reassure the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or a judge a detainee will appear for all court hearings, a defendant may be released on a delivery bond. In this case, the person has to obtain an arrest warrant as well as a notice of custody conditions.

Voluntary Departure Bond.​ If a judge allows the detainee to leave the U.S voluntarily by a set date, they can be granted a voluntary departure bond. This type may be granted before any court proceedings take place. However, if the detainee chooses not to leave the U.S by the set date, it will be relinquished and further disciplinary action will follow.

Order of Supervision Bond.​ This type of bond is typically granted to those who have close ties to the U.S. (such as a child/parent relationship) and must check in with authorities regularly. Used for people with a current deportation order, this bond is offered while the individual obtains a passport and other documentation for those additional family members traveling back to a home country.

A legal U.S citizen must pay and post bail for any of the bonds above. There are two ways to pay for immigration bonds:

  • Surety bond.​ A friend or family member of the detainee can work with a bond agent to get a surety bond. The charge is typically 15-20% of the total bond amount and is non-refundable.
  • Cash bond.​ A friend or family member of the detainee can pay the full bond amount, which will be refunded once he or she has attended all of the immigration court hearings.

Even though AAA Bail Bonds does not write any kind of Immigration Bonds, please feel free to call for a referral to a professional Immigration Bond agent.