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After being released from jail, defendants often worry about what they should and shouldn’t do while waiting for their next court appearance. You should take advantage of this time and prepare yourself for your next steps in the judicial process. Allow yourself to return to your routine, unless you are released with restrictions (such as house arrest or suspension of a license). Here are some general guidelines of what to do, what to avoid, and how to act while released on bail.

DO: Spend time with family.It will help keep you out of further trouble, and allow quality time together in case court hearings turn into a long process or you head to jail.

DON’T: Reconnect with bad influences.If you have a history of hanging out with friends or family members that get you into trouble, avoid interacting with them while on bail.

DO: Go to work. Unless otherwise specified, sticking to your routine and showing you are a productive member of society will reflect well during court proceedings. Maintaining a job should be a priority during this transition.

DON’T: Miss court dates. From the judicial perspective, your sole responsibility when released from jail is to appear at court. Missing court dates or skipping bail will not fare well with judges, and could impact your charges and consequences.

DO: Let your bondsman and attorney know if you are planning on travelling or have changes within your household.Communication is key when working through this process. If you fail to let those who are supporting you know your intentions while on bail, it could backfire and reflect poorly during court appearances.

DON’T: Partake in illegal activities.It seems like common sense, but participating in illegal activities could get you arrested again and void your bond, sending you right back to jail.