What is the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program?

Last month, we gave an overview of the penalties drivers face when charged with DUI in Minnesota. Among those DUI penalties is the revocation of driving privileges, but there are options for [...]

DWI in Minnesota

Last month we talked about celebrating safely, but if you missed our advice and found yourself arrested for Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the influence (DWI/DUI), the next steps can be [...]

AAA offers convenient messaging services for clients

Communication and predictability are key factors in navigating the court process. That is why AAA Bail Bonds uses convenient messaging services to coordinate communication with our clients and [...]

New St. Peter, MN Bail Bond Location

AAA Bail Bonds is thrilled to announce our new Location in St. Peter, MN! We love St. Peter. It is so rich in Minnesota history. A picturesque city, it’s located only about 60 miles south of the [...]