Jail Release Options Part III: Commercial Bail (Bail Bond)

A commercial bail bond, or surety bond, is a vehicle used by the court to assure that a defendant will show up for scheduled court appearances.  It is and has been for more than 100 years, the [...]

Jail Release Options Part 1

Over the next few weeks, pretrial release options will be reviewed. When a person is in jail, the court reviews each case and determines any conditions of release. Suppose the charge is not [...]

5 Reasons to use AAA Bail Bonds

If you find yourself in need of a bail bond agency, consider AAA Bail Bonds. Here are the top five reasons to use AAA in your time of need: Location. AAA Bail Bonds has agents located throughout [...]

State of MN past due citations and payments resume

In March, the State of MN temporarily suspended collecting late payments, penalties, and suspensions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. An order by the State Court Administrator in September 2020 gave [...]

Talking about incarceration with minors

Talking about incarceration with minors An arrest or jail time is something that could happen to anyone. In many cases, a bail bondsman can help you or a loved one acquire a fast jail release, [...]

Research For and Against Commercial Bail (Part 2 of 2)

Historically, when an unsecured release option is used there is still a higher failure to appear rate (30%) than when a commercial bail secured option is used (18%).  (Tabarrok, 2004) (Thomas H. [...]

Research For and Against Commercial Bail (Part 1 of 2)

The Justice Policy Institute and the Pretrial Justice Institute are the most significant and influential organizations in support of the elimination of a commercial bail industry. Their arguments [...]

Support and Facts of Commercial Bail Bonds (Part 2 of 2)

Publicly run pretrial release programs have been implemented in States such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Oregon and Kentucky; following the elimination of commercial bail bonds.  The result in these [...]

Support and Facts of Commercial Bail Bonds (Part 1 of 2)

As a consequence of misunderstanding, over glorification and greed regarding the bail bond industry as a whole, there are many entities that have come to despise the private industry and actively [...]

What is a Commercial Bail Bond?

The commercial bail bond has been an established method of release since the United States was founded. Commercial bail, though a controversial and often over glorified industry, was originally [...]