What is the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program?

Last month, we gave an overview of the penalties drivers face when charged with DUI in Minnesota. Among those DUI penalties is the revocation of driving privileges, but there are options for [...]

Debunking Bail Bond Myths

If you are arrested and jailed for a crime, then your life is essentially on hold unless you post bail. The bail system allows people to get out of jail to resume life until their trial is over. [...]

Minnesota Snow Laws you Won’t Want to Forget

Did you know that incorrectly clearing snow from your driveway or vehicle could lead to hefty fines and jail time? Don’t forget to keep these Minnesota laws in mind the next time it snows! [...]

The Benefits of Using AAA Bail Bonds

The Benefits of Using AAA Bail Bonds When you choose AAA Bail Bonds, you are depending on the resources and experience of a trusted bail bond agency. Established in 1991 as Thomes Bail Bond, the [...]

Conditional and Unconditional Bail Amounts and Degree of DUI Charge

Whenever the imposed bail amount is less than the maximum amount allowed, conditions of release will apply. If a DUI case involves certain circumstances, then an individual’s release conditions [...]

MN Mandatory Bail and How Bail is Set for Drunk Driving in Minnesota 

Minnesota law states that a judge who sets a bail amount as a condition of release must set two different amounts: one based on the suspect keeping other conditions of release (such as wearing a [...]

What is The Difference Between Bail and Bond?

When defendants are released from jail, they may have to post bail as part of the conditions of release ordered by a judge.  Oftentimes the words bail and bond are used in connection with these [...]

What is a Bounty Hunter and How are Bounty Hunters Related to Bail?

When a defendant is released from jail on a bail bond, they pay a fee and sign a contract with the bail bond agency, agreeing (among other things) to appear in court.  The agency posting the bail [...]

What to Know Before Turning Yourself in On a Warrant

In new cases, arrest warrants are often issued by judges for probation issues or failing to comply with court orders. While you are typically notified of an arrest warrant via telephone or mail, [...]

AAA BAIL BONDS is now hiring!

AAA BAIL BONDS is now hiring throughout the State of Minnesota! AAA BAIL BONDS IS GROWING! One of the fastest growing and largest Bail Bond companies in Minnesota is looking to hire! The position [...]

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