In AAA Bail Bond

While you await your trial, the court might release you on bail; however, the courts need to assess if you will appear for all your court dates and go through the trial process. This determines whether you will be let out on a secured or unsecured bail bond. 

A secured bail bond means you have to pay actual money or put up property to secure your release. If you do not show up for your court appearances or you flee the state, you’re stuck with the loss of collateral or money that you put up for your release. 

An unsecured bail bond means you don’t put up any money or collateral upfront to be released. You will be released on your word that you will show up in court for required appearances. However, this does not mean there is no risk for not showing up because you will be held accountable for the entire bail amount if you do not show up. 

To get an unsecured bond you need to:

  1. Reside in the area for a significant amount of time to show you have ties to the community and are likely to return for your court date
  2. Have good credit because it is seen as less of a flight risk as there is more to lose by not returning for a court date
  3. Be charged with a less serious crime since those who are accused of more serious crimes are seen as a greater flight risk therein being more likely to be required to post collateral or a higher bail amount. 

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