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The commercial bail bond has been an established method of release since the United States was
founded. Commercial bail, though a controversial and often over-glorified industry, was originally established to provide affordable release of a defendant while providing financial relief to the public for housing and/or returning a defendant to custody.

The bond represents a promise to the courts that the physical body of the defendant will appear to every court date, the location/whereabouts of the defendant for extradition purposes (when applicable), or the full-face value of the bond will be paid in full to the courts. This obligation and promise to the courts maintain viable and valid until the court case is concluded or the bond is satisfied by discharge.

If a defendant fails to appear to their court date, and the bond is forfeited, the bondsman will be given a demand to either pay the full value of the bond to the courts or return the defendant to custody. Upon this failure to appear (FTA), the bondsman will contract a bail enforcement agency, who will begin investigative steps to discover the location of the defendant and/or secure the apprehension (when applicable) of the defendant. Once the defendant is apprehended (when applicable), the defendant will be surrendered to the. County/State of which the bond was posted (when applicable). If the defendant cannot be legally apprehended, or an issue of extradition is prevalent, a motion to have the bail bond reinstated/revoked and discharged will be made with the court. When a defendant is apprehended, a motion to have the bail bond reinstated/revoked and discharged will be made with the court. In extenuating circumstances such as death, mental incompetency, and/or custody status, a motion can be filed with the court to vacate and discharge the bail bond. The bondsmen then (when legally allowable) hold the co-signer, defendant, and/or any other Indemnitor that participated in the procurement of the bond responsible for any and all fees incurred for any and all actions as a result of risk or loss to the bail company.

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