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If your past criminal record through a state court is inhibiting your ability to advance at work or obtain housing, you may have a new option to expunge your records. Announced this October, the Office of the MN Attorney General launched a new application process, free for Minnesotans looking to seal criminal records., is a tool designed to assist those who have satisfied the terms of their sentence for an offense eligible to be expunged. Research shows many people with a criminal past have trouble getting good jobs, education, credit, public services or housing due to offenses showing up long after they’ve served their sentence. Until this month, many eligible Minnesotas were unaware of this option or have had to navigate a difficult and costly expungement system all on their own. This application and process is now free to eligible Minnesotans.

Eligibility is limited to offenses that appear in the MN Expungement Statue. All misdemeanors and 50 non-violent felony crimes are now eligible to be sealed. Here are some of the most common offenses:

  • Fifth degree drug possession or sale
  • Theft
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Forgery crimes
  • Issuing a dishonored check
  • Financial transaction card fraud
  • Mail theft

View a complete list of eligible offenses here.

Under MN law, expungement secures a criminal record so it is not publicly available. An expungement order issued by a MN district court judge seals a criminal record and prohibits court and state agencies that hold criminal records from disclosing, acknowledging, or opening the criminal record except under court order.

Read more about the MN expungement process and begin your application here. For local Bail Bond information, contact an experienced representative at AAA Bail Bonds

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