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Bail Bonds Agents MN | AAA Bail Bonds MNSince COVID-19 has impacted Minnesota and our nation, many jury trials have been postponed until further notice. In September, both criminal and civil trials resumed with a MN Judicial Branch COVID-19 preparedness plan in place. View the document that addresses changes to facilities and protocols, developed in partnership with the MN Department of Health to ensure proper social distancing and safety measures.

If you have received notice for jury duty, you must complete the Juror Questionnaire online or by mail according to the summons. While many counties are taking a staggered approach to re-introducing jury cases, you are still responsible for calling in during your assigned jury duty time period.

The idea of jury of peers is fundamental to the American justice system. Composed of a group of six to 12 men and women in the community, these impartial individuals listen to a case, consult among themselves and arrive at a verdict. Jurors are randomly selected from driver’s licenses, state identification and voter registration records.

To qualify for jury selection, a prospective juror must be:

  • A US citizen
  • A resident of the county
  • At least 18 years old
  • Able to communicate in the English language
  • Physically and mentally capable

Learn more about jury duty or current limitations by visiting the MN Judicial Branch website