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One of the major differences between state and federal court proceedings is that there is no system of bail or use of bondsman for temporary release. Instead, there is a separate pretrial release program that uphold its own set of procedures and regulations. Conditions of release at the federal level vary depending on the charges, criminal history, ties to the community, and financial circumstances.

In order to be released from custody in a federal case, the judge may grant a request for release on personal recognizance, a conditional release, placement in temporary detention, or detention prior to trial. In order for a judge to feel comfortable making this discretionary call, they must find the release to not endanger any person, or the community, and be confident the defendant will appear in court. In these cases, the judge typically places conditions upon the release.

Generally, a release is not granted if the defendant has committed a crime that would result in imprisonment for more than ten years, has committed an act of terrorism, human trafficking, or crimes involving a minor. If found violating any pretrial release conditions, the court will hold an additional hearing regarding the violation and either place the defendant in custody or modify the conditions of release.

If you, or someone you love, is incarcerated at the federal, state, or local level, it is advised to receive counsel from an attorney or bail bondsman to review your options. Call AAA Bail Bonds at 612-900-3400 with any related bail questions and concerns.

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