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What is pretrial release?

When a defendant is released on a pretrial release program, it is with a promise to reappear to court and to be placed on a non-restrictive or restrictive supervision program. These programs have included GPS monitoring, pretrial supervision/reporting, drug testing, house arrest, chemical dependency treatment, and various other options. At times, in these instances, the courts can order a defendant to pay 10% of what would normally have been the face value of the bail directly to the courts. If, for whatever reason, a defendant fails to appear or violates a term of release while released on one of these programs, the defendant will have a warrant issued and the warrant will need to be served by the law enforcement of the State at the expense of the public.

By definition and process, pretrial release options other than commercial bail leads to a significant burden upon the court, State, and law enforcement. For example, if an accused person is released on any alternative to commercial bail, the burden and costs to locate the defendant fall upon the State and law enforcement. The financial burden is then passed to the taxpayer.

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