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Welcome to the new AAA Bail Bonds blog (say that ten times fast)! We will be writing about everything regarding the bail bond business.

First up, we are celebrating our new location in Milaca! Why do we have so many locations? So we can serve you better, of course!

Having a bail bond company near the Mille Lacs County Jail will allow you to be out of custody in no time. It can be frustrating for everyone involved when obtaining a bail bond, so we are here to make the transition as smooth as possible. From answering basic questions regarding the bail bond process, to talking about the various bonds and which one will suit your situation best—we are committed to giving you outstanding customer service. We are looking out for number one here, our clients!

With twenty years of bail bond service, you are guaranteed to receive professional help with just a few rings of the phone. First, you will contact a family member or friend (make sure you give them your full legal name, what you are being charged with, where you are being held, what type of facility you are in, your social security number, and the type of bond and what amount is needed). Once you are released from the holding facility you will be turned over to the bondsman, then to your family member or friend. In the meantime, have no fear; from arrest, to jail, we’ll get you your bail!

Regardless of the time you are in need, our Milaca location will be ready to provide you with the assistance you require to get out of jail. With our help—and our new Milaca location—we will be near you to help expedite the process of getting you out and back at your life until your court appearance.

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by Rick Briggs