In Bail Bonds

Helped a buddy out of a jam by getting him lined up with a bail bond? The economy wants to thank you!

Wait. What?

That’s right, by purchasing a bail bond, you’ve directly benefited the economy.

Think about it this way: In our economy, consumer spending, such as the purchase of your buddy’s bail bond, creates jobs. Jobs, in turn, give consumers money to spend. It’s a cyclical system that keeps our economy humming. Boom. Reason number one bail bonds are more valuable than most people recognize.

But there’s more.

All the money in your paycheck that the government gets to hold on to? Bail bonds ensure more of that money goes to paving roads, and less to keeping incarcerated individuals in jail. When someone is arrested, there’s going to be taxpayer money involved no matter what the circumstance. Besides the obvious, such as the money needed to pay the arresting officer’s salary and the gas to run his or her squad car, there are high costs associated with keeping someone in prison. But when an arrested individual purchases a bail bond, that tax money can be put to better use.

Plus, when your friend is legally out of custody, they’re free to return to their job until their court appearance. Most employers aren’t very understanding of an employee who doesn’t show up because they’re stuck in jail waiting for their trial date to arrive, and a bail bond that gets them back to work quickly could save their job.

So, if you know someone that needs to be bailed out of jail (or if you find yourself in a situation where you need a bail bond) contact one of our agents, and help to continue using bail bonds to better the economy.

Can you think of any other ways bail bonds help support the economy?