In Bail Bonds, Court Reminder Program

Did you know that AAA Bail Bonds has a Court Reminder Program? Let me tell you a little bit about it. First, our company has a full-time person whose main job is to help our clients make their court dates. How? By making sure that the defendant and the cosigner are aware that a court date is coming up. Our bail bond management system is constantly being updated with defendant’s court dates and times.

Obviously this is very important to the defendant, because a missed court date means a warrant will be issued for your arrest. That means another day, or sometimes a weekend, in jail and away from family, work, and friends. Not to mention the possibility of having to post more bail or even losing your job. Let’s face it, sometimes we forget. And getting a text the day before court and making sure you don’t have to go to jail unnecessarily is a great alternative.

Now, let’s look at it from the perspective of the cosigner. In many cases, after getting our reminder text, we will receive calls from cosigners informing us that the defendant is in jail in another county. Or in some rare cases that the defendant is in the hospital or a drug and alcohol treatment facility. When this happens, our staff can verify the information, alert the county where the defendant is scheduled to appear, and get a new court date. Or, sometimes the courts do not have your address exactly correct and you may not have even received your appearance date in the mail. These things happens on a weekly basis and our Court Reminder Program has saved our clients and cosigners tens of thousands of dollars and many nights in jail.

No extra charge for this service. It’s included in your bail bond premium. At AAA Bail Bonds, we strive to make your bail bond experience as positive as possible. We know it is a stressful time for everybody involved, and we will continue to come up with ideas to remove as much of that stress as we possibly can.

If you have any questions about our Court Reminder Program, or any of the other services that are provided by AAA Bail Bonds, call anytime. We appreciate you!!