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After someone is arrested, they are booked and held until bail is set. For less serious crimes, suspects may post bail immediately after being booked. Often there is a waiting period (typically less than 48 hours) and a bail hearing, in which a judge determines the eligibility and cost of bail.

In addition to the severity of the crime, a judge will consider the defendant’s criminal background, if the individual is a danger to others, and their ties to the community. Judges are influenced by the following factors for setting bail amounts:

  • The nature and circumstances of the crime.
  • Evidence presented.
  • Defendant’s behavior; including past history in court, employment status, family dynamic, health issues, and financial stability.
  • Safety to the public
  • A strong and current employment record in the area indicates a good life that the defendant wouldn’t easily walk away from.

After the bail amount is determined, the defendant gets booked and bail gets posted on their behalf. The member who paid the bail or committed to pay in case the defendant skips bail signs the contract. Once signed, the defendant will be free to go until their court date begins.

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