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While you are “innocent until proven guilty” your boss may not be so supportive when coordinating your work schedule from behind bars. Laws in place protect discriminatory hiring and firing practices when it comes to having a disability, aging, or filing for workers compensation, but not when it comes to an arrest or incarceration.

Even if the charges are later dropped, companies can create internal policies to handle employee issues related to arrests, going further to limit potential promotions, or letting you go if you are an at-will employee. 

If your arrest doesn’t impact your work schedule (as in, it occurred over the weekend and you didn’t miss a shift), employers may also learn about your activity through news outlets, social media, or an unreliable bail bondsman contacting your employer to verify your employment information. As always, its best to be honest with your employer, but keep your personal life private from the office gossip chain.

Future employers may require a background check and if your arrest was followed by a conviction, you may be disqualified from certain jobs for having a criminal background, even if you served your time.

The bottom line is to stay out of trouble to protect your career. If you do find yourself in need of help, contact a reliable bail bondsman at AAA Bail Bonds and an attorney to make sure you understand your rights.

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