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When temperatures rise, the number of burglaries follow, with break-ins spiking an average of 10% in June, July, and August. Here are some easy and cost-effective ways you can add extra protection to your home this summer.


Remove hiding places
Avoid keeping thick shrubs alongside your house, as they can act as a natural hiding spot for anybody attempting a break-in. If you do have plants surrounding your home and don’t want to compromise your landscaping efforts, keep your plants trimmed enough so they won’t provide cover for anyone sneaking around.


Installing outdoor motion-sensor lighting is another excellent way to deter anyone from entering your property unnoticed. Lights can be mounted almost anywhere, and some suppliers include an energy-saving solar-powered option.


Peel-and-stick alarms
Installed home security systems are one of the best options for in-house protection. However, if a high-tech system is not in your budget, peel-and-stick alarms purchased from a hardware store can be a cost-effective alternative. Depending on the model, these alarms will blare loud sirens when they sense vibrations from broken glass or motion from an opening door.


Install a webcam
Technology has allowed monitoring your home from afar to be more accessible than ever. Setting up a webcam to feed live visuals to your phone when you’re away is a simple and effective method to keep tabs on your home. Depending on what you choose, webcams can come with helpful features that include night vision, advanced pixel quality, and recording capabilities.


Strengthen door and window security
Home invasion statistics from 2019 indicate that over 95% of break-ins require a forceful entry, so locked entryways are not always a deterrent. Investing in burglar-proof doors and windows may be necessary to allow you peace of mind. These include doors made of steel or solid-core wood that are free of signs of cracks or rotting, as well as quality deadbolt locks that won’t easily break. Install glass panes far from a door’s lock to prevent someone from breaking glass and reaching through to unlock it and equip mail slots with a cage or box for the equivalent reason.


Remember, don’t hide your spare keys in obvious locations like your doormat or a nearby planter. The safest place for a spare key is most likely with a trusted neighbor or family member.


Protect your mail
Mail theft is a common occurrence that can become very costly if followed by a stolen identity through medical bills or bank statements. Protect the personal information in your mail with a secure mailbox that looks and operates similarly to a traditional model but is built of heavy steel and requires a key to open.


Implementing these strategies should help you and your family establish a safer and more secure summer ahead.