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Part 3: Dispelling Bail Bond Myths

Some popular and “catchy” narratives might suggest that the bail industry targets minorities and those with less financial fortune, as well as compromises victims of crimes. This is completely untrue. 

A bail company allows a person to pay 10% of the bail ordered by a District Court Judge. It is a lot easier for a person to come up with $50,000 than it is to come up with a half million dollars. Without a bail bond agent, a defendant accused of a crime would not be able to properly prepare to defend themselves. In addition to not being able to have private meetings with their attorney, they also could not work their jobs, be with their families, or better themselves.

And what about the alleged victim(s)? Without a bail bond company, if a defendant signs a sheet of paper with no other obligations or parties involved, who will guarantee that the victims are able to find justice or resolve by watching the accusers day in court? If the defendant decides to flee, who is accountable for finding and returning them to jail? No one.

Some states, like our neighbor Wisconsin, have a “signature bail” in place of a surety bond. When a defendant is released from jail in Wisconsin, they simply sign a piece of paper “promising” to reappear. When that defendant fails to meet the conditions of his release, who is going to go get him? Who is going to hold him accountable? Who is going to provide insurance to the public that the defendant is not out committing more crime, harming more people, stealing more property, etc? The answer is nobody.

Stew Peters
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Twin Cities Apprehension Team
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