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Nearly everything has been impacted by Minnesota’s Stay at Home order, including state courtrooms. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Gildea released a new order issued March 20. Below is a summary of some of the changes made in the court during this time:

MN Courtrooms during COVID-19 pandemic

  • No new jury trials will be granted in Minnesota courts before April 22
  • Individuals that have been arrested on new charges or warrants will continue to see judges and receive their conditions of release set, however, most in-court appearances are being moved to a remote environment
  • On April 1 the Minnesota Supreme Court held its first virtual oral arguments in a scheduled case through a video conference–it can be anticipated that cases scheduled soon will also take place via video conference
  • Court hearings remain available for emergencies

AAA Bail Bonds Services
Our Minnesota bail bond agents are here and ready to write bail bonds, as we have received an exemption from Governor Tim Walz’s Stay at Home order and are qualified as Critical Sector workers while operating as a bail bond agent. We are also readily available to be there for those stuck on conditional bail and will continue to help you or your loved one get released from Electronic Home Monitoring.

Call us at (612) 900-3400 to discuss how we may help you or a loved one get released from these conditions during this time.

MN Stay at Home Order