In Bail Bond Agent, Steele County MN Bail Bond Agent

Over the next few months, AAA Bail Bonds will be introducing you to our bail bond agents representing the various counties in the state of Minnesota.

In Steele County, Minnesota, Becky is our main bondsman. She’s been working for AAA Bail Bonds for 10 years and you can regularly find her at the jail helping clients get their loved ones back home.

Ten years ago, Becky was looking for a change when she saw a help wanted ad for bail bonding and decided to give it a try. She was looking for something different to do for a year or two, but is still working for AAA Bail Bonds 10 years later.

“They’re a great company to work for,” she said. “It’s hard to give it up because I enjoy it so much and love the flexibility.”

Becky’s background is in restaurant and bar management and said there is some crossover between that and bail bonding as some of the clientele is the same. Becky became licensed as a Bail Bond Agent throughout the State of Minnesota 10 years ago and focuses on Steele and Rice counties where she assists both new and repeat clients on a regular basis.

Becky, a mother of three, grew up in Owatonna and Faribault (Rice County) and knows the area well. She brings a strong work ethic to the AAA Bail Bonds staff as she is polite, friendly, resourceful, helpful and always on time.

“I enjoy helping people,” she said. “I always go above and beyond and direct them to an attorney or whatever they need.”

For personalized bail bonds service in Steele County, give Becky at AAA Bail Bonds a call at (507) 456-4429. You can also call (507) 451-3744 for assistance in Owatonna or (507) 334-5222 for assistance in Faribault. Agents are on call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also find Becky and other agents from AAA Bail Bonds at the Steele County Courthouse, which is located at 111 E Main Street in Owatonna, Minnesota, or at the Steele County Jail at 204 East Pearl Street in Owatonna.