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Being arrested can be a crazy, confusing time in anyone’s life. AAA Bail Bonds wants you to know we’re here to assist you in the best way we know how. Part of that is educating our clients so they can help themselves. Today on the blog we’re talking about some of the legal terms you’ll run into during the bail bond process. Words like: defendant, posting bail, surety, obligee, and principal can just add another layer of complication to an already stressful situation. Let’s become familiar with some of the lingo that goes along with the legal process. Remember: knowledge is power!

When you’re arrested and accused of a crime you become what’s called a defendant. When a defendant is given the opportunity to get out of jail on bail they must then post bail. This is when he or she supplies the court with the full monetary bail amount with the understanding that they, the defendant (that’s you), will return for trial or forfeit the bail money.

Many people can’t afford bail, or don’t have easy access to large sums of money. In these cases, people often turn to a bail bond agency such as AAA Bail Bonds to post the full amount of bail required. When bail is posted the defendant is released from custody until their subsequent trial date.

Posting bail with a bail bond is a contract between three parties:

  • The surety – the bail bondsman or an individual or entity that pays bail for a defendant and then assumes responsibility of a defendant. The surety guarantees that the defendant completes his or her legal obligation by appearing in court. If the defendant fails to complete his or her legal obligation, the surety will lose the money that he or she committed to the defendant’s bail.
  • The obligee – that’s the court. You, the defendant, owe them bail money so you can get out of jail.
  • The principal – the accused or defendant (again, that’s you)

If you reach defendant status and need help posting bail just remember to contact AAA Bail Bonds. We’ve been serving the state of Minnesota with their bail bond needs for over 20 years. Call (888) 228-2245 now to begin the process of setting yourelf free. We offer affordable rates and easy pay with no interest payments. Our doors never close and our agents are located throughout Minnesota. You tell us where to meet you and we’ll be there. We accept collect calls from all jails and will post bail for you to clear a warrant without you going to jail. We’re your bail bond experts. Let us help! Check our glossary for more legal terms and their meanings.