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This month, we’re highlighting our bail bonds efforts in Aitkin County, Minnesota, which has a population of approximately 16,200. Bail Bond Agent Terri is a regular at the Aitkin County Jail in the county seat of Aitkin, helping clients get their friends and family members back home.

Aitken County was established in 1857. It was named after William Alexander Aitken, a fur trader for the American Fur Company. The spelling was later changed from Aitken to Aitkin in 1872. The county has a total area of 1,995 square miles with 91 percent being land.

A portion of the Mille Lacs Indian Reservation is located in the county. Other features of Aitkin County are the 18,208-acre Rice Lake National Wildlife Refuge, a national protected area, and Savanna Portage State Park, a state protected area that was established in 1961 to preserve the historic Savanna Portage, a difficult six-mile trail connecting the watersheds of the Mississippi River and Lake Superior.

Popular cities in Aitkin County include Aitkin, Hill City, McGrath, McGregor, Palisade and Tamarack, along with dozens of townships. The highest point in the County of Aitkin is Quadna Mountain which is 1,589 feet above sea level. The city of Aitkin, Minnesota, is 1,200 feet above sea level. The largest industries in the county are tourism, forest products and agriculture.

The Aitkin County Courthouse and Jail, located at 209 and 217 2nd Street NW in Aitkin, have been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1982. This long-serving seat of Aitkin County government consists of a 1915 jail and a 1920 courthouse. The courthouse exemplifies the second-generation Beaux-Arts courthouses built around Minnesota in the early 20th century.

AAA Bail Bonds is ready to serve all Aitkin County Jail residents in their time of need. Call AAA Bail Bonds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (218) 670-5880 or toll free at (888) 228-2245 and ask for Bail Bond Agent Terri or the agent on call. AAA Bail Bonds has several agents serving the Aitkin County area, which ensures that we can provide coverage 100 percent of the time. We also have a network of attorney referrals that are available.

The Aitkin County Jail is located at 217 2nd Street NW in Aitkin, Minnesota. The phone number for the jail is (281) 927-7456. The Aitkin County Courthouse is located at 209 2nd Street NW in Aitkin. The phone number is (218) 927-7350.