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This month, we’re highlighting our bail bonds efforts in Steele County, Minnesota, which has a population of approximately 36,600. Bail Bond Agent Becky is a regular at the Steele County Jail in the county seat of Owatonna, helping clients get their friends and family members back home.

Steele County-photo

Steele County, Minnesota, was named for Franklin Steele, a prominent early resident of the state. Steele County covers 430 square miles with all but 2.7 square miles being land. The Straight River flows northwardly through the county, and the Le Sueur River flows through its southwestern corner. The Middle Fork of the Zumbro River has its headwaters in the northeastern part of the county. In addition to Owatonna (population 25,600), other popular cities in Steele County include Medford, Ellendale and Blooming Prairie, as well as more than a dozen townships.

The county is home to several sites on the National Register of Historic Places. Among them is the Steele County Courthouse, Pillsbury Academy Campus Historic District, Ezra Abbott House and the Minnesota State Public School for Dependent and Neglected Children.

AAA Bail Bonds is ready to serve all Steele County Jail residents in their time of need. Call AAA Bail Bonds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (507) 451-3744 or toll free at 888-228-2245 and ask for Bail Bond Agent Becky or the agent on call. AAA Bail Bonds has several agents serving the Steele County area, which ensures that we can provide coverage 100 percent of the time. We also have a network of attorney referrals that are available.

The Steele County Jail is located at 204 East Pearl Street in Owatonna, Minnesota. The Steele County Courthouse is located at 111 E Main Street in Owatonna, Minnesota.