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AAA Bail Bonds’ Seamless Communication with Clients

Communication and predictability are key factors in navigating the court process. That is why AAA Bail Bonds uses convenient messaging services to coordinate communication with our clients and representatives. 

Clear, consistent messaging helps our court systems be more efficient and streamlines the bond and court process. As a client of AAA Bail Bonds, defendants and co-signers receive a text message the day before a court appearance. Agents have found this tool especially beneficial in cases where a defendant is involved in multiple cases (especially in more than one location in the state), is enrolled in a treatment facility or hospital, or in some cases, deceased. AAA can then alert the prosecutor or court system, saving a bond from being forfeited or a warrant being issued.

In addition to helping create consistency for clients, this streamlined process allows AAA agents and operators to better manage their book of business. Since implementing this innovative system, AAA has been able to better track clients and cases, save on bond forfeiture and related expenses, as well as increase its reputation as a credited bail bond company. Savings found using this case management process result in benefits for both co-signers and defendants.

If you, or someone you love, are in need of bail bonds or help in the bond process in greater Minnesota, contact experienced experts at AAA Bail Bonds by visiting online or calling 612-900-3400