Defendants who are charged with driving under the influence are often given the option of being placed on an alcohol-monitoring device, (conditional release) instead of posting bail, (unconditional release) to secure their release from custody. There are several reasons why you would want or need to discontinue the monitor device.


  • THE COST:  The initial rental cost of the monitoring device varies by county. In addition, there is a daily fee for the 8 to 10+ months it takes to complete your court case. This could easily cost you thousands of dollars alone in monitoring fees. Missing a payment on your monitor could result in you being taken back into custody.


  •  THE SCHEDULE:  You may find that the monitoring schedule conflicts with your employment. For example, if you work out of town or if you are working late, or even running late because of traffic, you could miss your arranged time to blow into your monitor, resulting in a warrant for your arrest. Schedules to blow into the monitor are typically 3 times a day (Morning, Noon and Night).


  • THE INCONVENIENCE:  Certain foods, mouthwash, toothpaste, ect. could cause you to fail your test, resulting in a warrant for your arrest.


  • THE ISOLATION: Feeling trapped and isolated is common when being tethered to the uncomfortable truth the you need to be near the monitor, waiting for the siren call that says it is time test.


  • THE SOLUTION: Post a Bail Bond! You can discontinue the monitoring device at any time by allowing us to help you! We do the work, and your free from the cost, worry and schedule.


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