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Helping a loved one post bail is never easy. It may be even trickier when you are trying to post bail for someone in another state. If you are not able to provide the entire bail amount, it is crucial to contact a bail professional.

Laws and regulations vary from state to state, so it is not uncommon that bonding fees and processes will vary as well. Using a bondsman will make the entire process of working across state lines easier. Not only will they be able to educate you on local laws, but they also act as an advocate, and can access additional information on that specific county jail system. If it is not possible for you to travel to the state your loved one is being held, a bondsman may be the only way to keep in contact and offer additional peace of mind.

Contact a trusted bail bond company as soon as possible after an arrest. Locally, a MN bail bond company would work with its surety company to find a bail bond agency near the location of the defendant. A “Transfer Bond” would then be proposed to the out of state company to post bail for the defendant.

The entire transaction still requires the cosigner be responsible for the entire amount of the bail, if the defendant does not return for court. There is also an additional fee (typically $200 and travel costs) above and beyond the percentage of the bail amount charged in the other state (usually around 10%). Bailing someone out in another state may also require you, as the cosigner, take additional steps to confirm your identity. You will want to ensure quick, clear communication and payment with the bail bond representative.