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As many of us attend social gatherings and pick up an extra bottle (or two) of “good cheer,” remember to plan a sober ride home this festive season. With an abundance of sober options just a phone call away, keep these sobering facts and figures in mind:

In 2017:

  • Officers, deputies and troopers arrested 24,862 drivers for DWIs, up 3 percent from the year before
  • While down from 35,000 imparied drivers 10 years earlier in 2008, the amount of impaired drivers are still a major risk to anyone on the road
  • 113 people killed on MN roads were killed in alcohol-related crashes
  • 2,389 people suffered injuries in alcohol-related accidents
  • On average, 68 DWIs were recorded each day
  • The average blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for drivers with a DWI was 0.15
  • The average BAC for a drunk driver involved in a fatal crash was 0.19
  • One out of every seven licensed MN drivers has at least one DWI
  • 1,296 drivers refused to take an on site sobriety test
  • 1,212 (or 5 percent) of the DWIs issued were to drivers less than 21 years of age
  • Nearly half of DWI arrests are made on SAturday and Sundays
  • 77 percent of motorists arrested for DWI resulted in a criminal conviction
  • 9,780 people installed an interlock device on their vehicle after a DWI conviction

If you notice an impaired driver on the road, call 911. If you see an impaired person about to drive, offer a safe drive home and be sure to take your turn as the sober cab this year. Don’t spend your precious holiday season behind bars! DWI’s are costly and the impacts are long lasting.

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